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Autoservis Petr Štross

Hraniční 1434, Břeclav

DUCOM,spol. s r.o.

Sklepní 98, Strachotín

Auto Hemala (Branch Pohořelice)

Loděnická 1000, Pohořelice

Robert Kúkol

Bratislavská 465/18, Hustopeče

Autoopravna Barvík

We offer bodyman work.

U zastávky 98/4, Velké Pavlovice

Autoškola JM, Tibenský Martin

Krumvíř 299 (budova Kulturního domu), Krumvíř

Autoservis Miro Přítluky

Dlouhá 174, Přítluky

NAVARA Novosedly a.s.

The company offers the production of container carriers, containers, tipper, car and tractor trailers, exhaust systems. Furthermore, sells and buys used trucks and MAN AVIA brand. Importing all types and brands. It also deals with the sale and installation of hydraulic cranes.


ADIP, spol. s.r.o.

Polní 566, Břeclav, Hrušky

Motova, s.r.o. - prodej motocyklů a skútrů

The company is engaged in an authorized sale of motorcycle brands Kawasaki, Peugeot scooters, Keeway, BMC, the sale of ATVs and Journeyman SMC. The company also prvádí customer service. Installment sale.

Lednická 729, Břeclav

Flaga Český Plyn, s.r.o.

We offer sales and distribution of liquefied gas LPG, rental storage and realization of propane heating systems and filling stations with LPG.

Nádražní 564/47, Hustopeče

Auto Polach, provoz autoservisu

The company is an authorized Suzuki dealer. provides customer service to all models of this brand. Carry out repairs and service all other brands. Prepares and provátí MOT and emissions, air conditioning service, measurement geometry. It also deals with sale of car accessories and spare parts.

Fibichova 2892/25, Břeclav

TRUCK centrum BÍZOVI - autoservis

The company deals with the repair of trucks, trailers and caravans. Mainly specializes in the repair of vehicles, signs MAN. Further diagnose the vehicles of the brand MAN TGA. The company also repairs semi-trailers. Implementing SAF-sales service to sell spare parts.


Autoservis František Sítek

The company is engaged in repair and maintenance of motor vehicles (excluding motorcycles).

J. Opletala 2403/10, Břeclav

Martin Litov, prodej ojetých vozů.

We provide import vehicles from abroad, including the execution of Czech documentaries and provide consultancy, providing insurance and leasing.

Sportovní 381/41, Ladná

Stanislav Kosík - Top Cars

The company provides servicing and repair of motor vehicles, offers the sale of parts replaced. Further it provides body and paint work.


Josef Drobilič - provoz autoservisu

The company specializes in tire and auto service operations. It also deals with the sale of spare parts.

Lednická 518, Hlohovec

Pavel Drobilič - autoservis

The company specializes in tire and auto service operations.

Lednická 518, Hlohovec

Ing. Miroslav Novotný - autoškola

Traffic driving schools driver training with AM, A1, B, C. Driver Training Professionals officers and drivers. Downloading and evaluation of data from digital tachographs. Ensuring psychological examination.

U splavu 2869/3, Břeclav

Vivacar, s.r.o.

Sale of tires.

17. listopadu 48/28, Břeclav

MADOIL, s.r.o.

We supply oils, lubricants, specialty products for industrial plants, transportation companies and offer spare parts and equipment for car services.

Sovadinova 841/10, Břeclav

Jiří Michalčík, provoz autoškoly

Driving School offers instruction and training of candidates to obtain a driving license for category A, B, T, C, C + E. It also provides training for professional drivers and drivers of reference.

Smetanovo nábř. 957/7, Břeclav

Jiří Tuček, autoservis

The company offers motor vehicle repairs, body and mechanical work, preparing vehicles for MOT, sells oil brands SHELL and Valvoline. It also deals with the purchase and sale of damaged vehicles and purchase and sale of new and used parts.

Bratislavská 2808, Břeclav

HARY, spol. s r.o.

The company offers auto service. Also operates a national road freight transport.

nám. Svobody 787/4, Břeclav

Eva Luskačová - prodej náhradních dílů a autodplňků

The company offers the sale of parts for cars and trucks, car batteries, car mats aa covers.

Masarykova 46/33, Ladná

ATC - Auto Truck Centrum, s.r.o.

The company offers the sale, importation and manufacture of semi-tanks, silos for cement, tractors, trucks, semi-trailers. Next, buy trucks.

Široký dvůr 1378/7, Břeclav

C.A.Š., s.r.o.

We offer the sale of spare parts for automobiles.

Alfonse Muchy 222/3, Mikulov

Nichias Czech, s.r.o.

The company focuses on the sale of seals for the automotive industry.

K Vápence 984/10, Mikulov

Mgr. František Stávek, autoškola.

We offer driver training cars, motorcycles, trucks and tractors.

Brněnská 92/2, Mikulov

Zdeněk Hýbl, montáž LPG pohonu

The company specializes in the installation of LPG.

Pavlovská 521/32, Mikulov

Jaroslav Vítek - provoz autoškoly

Driving school conducting training for all categories of cars and motorcycles. Furthermore, teachers are using qualified and experienced teachers with professio...

Sídliště 17. dubna 700/1, Klobouky u Brna

Milan Urban, prodej pneumatik

We offer tires, steel and aluminum disks.

Brněnská 216/13, Klobouky u Brna

Autopex, prodej náhradních dílů

We sell new and used spare parts Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Ford and other U.S. cars and arrange their own imports from the USA, servicing the U.S. cars, junkyard and delivery within 24 hours and COD.

Krátká 1, Klobouky u Brna

Luboš Mazůrek - provoz autoservisu

The company is engaged in the operation of the garage.

nám. Míru 171/3, Klobouky u Brna

Antonín Čačík , autoservis

The company is engaged in the repair of cars and vans and light trucks AVIA. In 2003, we expanded the establishment of a new workshop for the next three places ...


Motomo, s.r.o. - Shell

operates a service station fuel.

Bořetice 461, Bořetice

Jiří Surman, bazar s automobilama.

We offer import and sale of foreign cars, racing, uncut or lightly cut cars of all brands and the possibility of buying on credit and insurance.

Bořetice 493, Bořetice

Automat P + P, s.r.o.

The company offers a service of passenger cars and trucks, tractors and agricultural machinery. Next, trailers, Vehicle electronics and electrical components.

U padělku 2072/7, Břeclav

Karel Frisa - provoz autoservisu

The company is engaged in carrying out repairs and servicing cars.

Přibylova 2856/14, Břeclav

Miloslav Šalé, autopůjčovna.

Operation of rental trailers.

Přibylova 2950/17, Břeclav


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