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J.A.M. SPORT, s.r.o. - Penzion Myslivna

We offer accommodation - the total capacity of 38 beds, in apartments and two to four bedrooms. The house hunting is a stylish restaurant with a fireplace and 5...

Nádražní 675, Lednice


Center offers 6 lane bowling alley with magnetic builder. It also comes equipped with large screen TV brasserie style restaurant and adjacent to the smoking saloon. In this pleasant air-conditioned environment, ideal for get-togethers, and for corporate and family events, we offer free Wi-Fi.

Vídeňská 847/41, Mikulov

Restaurace U Stehlíků

Provision of hot and cold meals, alcoholic and soft drinks.

Ivaň 236, Ivaň

Restaurace VeCafe, provoz restaurace

The hotel offers its clients accommodation in nine double rooms with extra beds. Each room has a bathroom, television, satellite and telephone. Upon request, room service, including a refrigerator with beverages. The hotel capacity is 18 beds and 9 extra beds.

Hybešova 981, Pohořelice

IVAŇKA, spol. s r.o. - restaurační služby

We offer services of restaurant equipment.



Providing food hot and cold dishes.

Kurdějovská 463/2, Hustopeče

Lovecká restaurace

Operate a restaurant with 50 seats and offering venison dishes. There is a summer garden.

Nádražní 675, Lednice

Obecní dům

Provision of catering services.

Zámecké náměstí 70, Lednice

Restaurace Včelařský dvůr

Provision of Czech cuisine, spirits and soft drinks. The restaurant complex is a bowling and billiards room.

Nejdecká 171, Lednice

Restaurace Zlatý páv

Provision of hot and cold meals and drinks.

Pekařská 88, Lednice

Restaurace Na Radnici

Of alcoholic and soft drinks and various types of food.

Brněnská 2, Pohořelice

Park Restaurant-restaurace

Provision of hot and cold dishes.

Tyršova 566, Pohořelice

Břetislav Medňanský - provozovatel restaurace

Our company operates a restaurant and accommodation.

Dukelské nám. 42/15, Hustopeče

Restaurace Strachotínská Bouda

Provision of catering services.

Pouzdřanská 69, Strachotín

Restaurace U Nádraží

Operation of the restaurant.

Nádražní 884/35, Hustopeče

Restaurace U Tomků

Provision of hot and cold meals and drinks.

Starovičky 158, Starovičky

Restaurace Zátiší

Providing hot meals and alcoholic or soft drinks.

Havlíčkova 1178/19, Hustopeče

Restaurant Espreso

Operation of the restaurant.

Bratislavská 144/4, Hustopeče

Restaurace a penzion Praha

Operation of a roadside restaurant with 75 seats.

Hlavní 74, Dolní Dunajovice

Restaurant Fontána

Providing hot meals throughout the day with celebrations and training.

Rudé armády 29, Dolní Dunajovice

Restaurant Bouquet

Provision of meals during the season, the possibility of using outdoor seating.

Horní Věstonice 59, Horní Věstonice

Nádražní restaurace

Of alcoholic and soft drinks and various types of food.

sady 28. října 635/9, Břeclav

Na panském dvoře

Provision of meals, dishes and a wide range of alcoholic and soft drinks. In summer you can sit on the terrace.

Bořetice 1, Bořetice

Josef Girášek-restaurace

Providing a wide range of hot and cold meals, alcoholic and soft drinks.

Vídeňská 833/37, Mikulov

Atrium, s.r.o. - provoz restaurace

Our company is engaged in the operation of the restaurant.

Republikánské obrany 1584/1, Mikulov

Restaurace Alfa

Provision of meals from Czech and international cuisine.

Náměstí 27/24, Mikulov

Restaurace Pod Radnicí, s.r.o.

Operate a restaurant with a total capacity of 70 seats.

Náměstí 158/1, Mikulov

Restaurace Šácha

Operation of the restaurant.

Nádražní 975/24, Mikulov

Restaurace U Mlýna

Catering for 80 guests and rooms for private events with capacity of 30 seats.

Přítluky-Nové Mlýny 56, Přítluky

U Obřího soudku

Provision of catering services.

Náměstí 24/27, Mikulov

Hai Yan, spol. s r.o.

Operation of a restaurant offering hot and cold meals, alcoholic and soft drinks.

17. listopadu 2964/1, Břeclav

Restaurace U Wozarů

Provision of hot and cold meals.

Slovácká 722/46, Břeclav

Antonín Beneš, provoz restaurace

We offer seating in our restaurant.

J. Palacha 2922, Břeclav

Boko 2, s.r.o.

The company operates a restaurant.

sady 28. října 720/16, Břeclav

Dubič - provoz restaurace

A restaurant offering hot and cold dishes.

Pyskatého 1979/15, Břeclav

Resraurace Espreso

Operation of a restaurant with home cooking. Possibility of family celebrations and private events.

Bratislavská 2413/20, Břeclav

Restaurace Na celnici

Provision of meals of Czech and international cuisine. There are smoking and non-smoking lounge and covered terrace.

Břeclav 1214, Břeclav

Restaurace - Park Club

Operation of the restaurant.

sady 28. října 720/16, Břeclav

Restaurace Pohoda

Provision of meals from Czech and international cuisine in a non-smoking restaurant.

Na řádku 3178/9, Břeclav

Restaurace U Jana

Providing hot meals, drinks and snacks to točenému beer.

Denisova 1297/20, Břeclav - portál, kde Vaše restaurace nesmí chybět! Evidujeme Restaurace z celé ČR.


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