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OKNA Městecký

The company is engaged in the sale and installation of PVC windows REHAU brand, laminated, foiled and lacquered sliding door even execution. The company also offers garage door company BREMET, fences and shutters. It also provides calculation, measurement, masonry work, dismantling, servicing and advice.

Bratislavská 452/11, Podivín


We offer furniture in the apartment and offices. Kitchen (to peace), sofas, beds, bedroom, etc. 3D room design directly with us. Large quantities of goods subjected to 800m2.

K Vápence 1284/9, Mikulov

Dřevostavmont Č&Š s.r.o.

Šafaříkova 25/2a, Hustopeče u Brna

RB Business group, s. r. o.

J. Palacha 3197, Břeclav

Jaroslav Vališ-Klíčová služba

We offer sales and installation of security doors, locks and bars, making keys, the implementation of the emergency door opening and cars.

J. Palacha 3197, Břeclav

Střešní okna Radim Vašíček

Our company specializes in the sale and installation of roof windows. Also offers free professional advice and no obligation.

U Jánského dvora 3224/34, Břeclav

Podlahy Pačuta

The company offers sales, installation and repair of fiberglass, wood and cork flooring, linoleum flooring and PVC, including fittings and fasteners.

Trávníky 420/2, Kostice

EZZ, s.r.o.

We are a company engaged in the wholesale and retail water fittings and heater material, PVC pipe, copper, bronze, etc. We provide complete installation, repair...

Česká 168/14, Mikulov

Zahradní nábytek Břeclav

nám.T.G.Masaryka 39/6, Břeclav

Prodej zahrady CZ

náměstí T. G. Masaryka 729/7, Břeclav

Ctibor Páník-Camela autoplachty

Úzká 211, Hrušky

Dodávkový Expres

Hustopeče u Brna

Vítězslav Kadlečík

Realization gardens - Ornamental and swimming pools, paving work, sale and planting of plants, establishment of turf grass planting or laying of carpets, irrigation systems, garden studios, children's playground

Dolní 104/5, Drnholec


We offer repair and servicing of gas appliances.

Kobylí 7, Kobylí

Instalatér Jiří Kavalíř

Starovice 247, Starovice

. Stěhování Kvalitně s.r.o.

Vinohradská 125, Praha

H.M.B. hodinový manžel Břeclav

Dukelskýchhrdinú12, Břeclav

Stolařství Peka

Custom manufacturing and installation of kitchen units, furniture - cabinets, commodes, beds, pc. and dining tables, doors, door frames of laminated and solid wood.

Hlavní 10, Pouzdřany

ABK 99, s.r.o.

The company operates a wholesale and retail catering equipment and catering needs.

Komenského 259, Pohořelice

Pavel Sokolář - AB okna Morava

The company specializes in the manufacture and sale of plastic windows and doors and garage doors. We will prepare a bid, targeting, technical assistance and consultation. We work only in Southern Moravia.

Janáčkova 575/1, Hustopeče

Kvarta matrace, s.r.o.

Our company specializes in manufacturing mattress. Our product range is wide, mattresses are made in standard sizes, but of course we are dealing with individua...

M. Kapusty 364/39, Břeclav

PRAMOS, a.s.

We specialize in the production of plastic windows and doors.

Brněnská 577, Šitbořice

Madekop, spol. s r.o.

The company will help both the construction of the house (sinks, sewage treatment plants, Euro windows, doors, gates) and the subsequent furnishing of homes (in...


ALBA - METAL, spol. s r.o.

Our family business specializes in manufacturing steel buildings OHT arc, arch hall with straight sides sheathed technique or solid fabric covering, designed for storage, pool tennis courts, riding halls, etc.

Mlýnská 459, Břeclav

Zahradní centrum Vrkoč

Our company focuses on selling garden furniture. Our collection is available wooden garden furniture, rattan, teak, metal, plastic, aluminum, etc. Garden furnit...

Pasohlávky , Břeclav

PWD, s.r.o.

Our company is engaged in production of plastic windows, doors, shutters. We also manufacture mosquito nets. We provide measurements, assembly, disassembly, pricing, customer service. We provide expert advice. We also provide complete insulation of facades.

Družstevní 666/3, Tvrdonice

AMM OTÁHAL s. r. o.

The company specializes in the manufacture and assembly of locksmith products, which dominates swimming pool covers. Products are delivered at home, but mostly abroad (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, etc.). The company also sells polycarbonate.

Kobylí 736, Kobylí

F.T. Servis Lednice

Our company offers the sale and service of small agricultural machinery. We offer our customers quality goods, spare parts, warranty, customer service and consu...

Nejdecká 608, Lednice

Euro - Jordán, s.r.o.

Our company deals with production assembly of plastic windows and doors, shutters, aluminum windows and doors, disposal of old windows. We provide thermal insulation of facades, etc.

Úlehlova 36/49, Podivín

LOMAX, prodej garážových vrata

Our company specializes in the manufacture of garage doors, which are made in imitation of wood. Furthermore, our production targets for rolling doors, sectional doors and gates to the side. Other our products are front and roller shutters, for example, or mosquito nets.



Our company focuses on retail sales and cooperation with construction companies. We specialize in building materials of all kinds. We are also engaged in consultancy, delivery of goods, providing construction loans mount and roof windows.


PATRIA Kobylí, a.s.

Company with many years experience in the development and manufacture of plastic construction specializes in manufacturing pay the family swimming pools. It offers a modern pool types with přelivným groove, skimmer type Compact, swimming pools, roofing.

Augusty Šebestové 716, Kobylí

PILARČÍK výrobce nábytku

Our company produces kitchen cabinets, built-in wardrobes and interiors. One of the strengths of the company is tailoring.



We specialize in the supply, installation and servicing of complete wooden interior and some exterior building joinery products and accessories. Our main produc...

Růžičkova 2393/5, Břeclav

Blanář Nábytek, a.s.

The company specializes in serial production of upholstered furniture. Produces not only beds, double beds and all types, but also the sofa. It is also a major producer of lamellar gratings.


AMM Otáhal, s.r.o.

The company is engaged in plastic products from polypropylene and polyethylene. It produces high-quality pools of homogeneous copolymer, stabilized against UV radiation. Performs a covered swimming pool. Work produced by vessels, tanks, reservoirs, sinks, tubs and tubes of plastic

Sokolská 180, Kobylí


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