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Ctibor Páník-Camela autoplachty

Úzká 211, Hrušky

Hartnell s.r.o. (Branch Hodonín)

Legionářů 1338/5, Hodonín

SETES, těsnění,prodej pryží,

Polní 591, Hrušky

Oldřich Mikulica, vinařství

We run a winery and viticulture.

Kobylí 76, Kobylí

Stolařství Peka

Custom manufacturing and installation of kitchen units, furniture - cabinets, commodes, beds, pc. and dining tables, doors, door frames of laminated and solid wood.

Hlavní 10, Pouzdřany

ABK 99, s.r.o.

The company operates a wholesale and retail catering equipment and catering needs.

Komenského 259, Pohořelice

Kvarta matrace, s.r.o.

Our company specializes in manufacturing mattress. Our product range is wide, mattresses are made in standard sizes, but of course we are dealing with individua...

M. Kapusty 364/39, Břeclav


Company EUROWINDOWS - Louis since 1998 specialized in the manufacture of wood panels for building openings (windows wooden, windows, front doors). Also offers a comprehensive program joinery with all accessories.

Kopečky 680, Vranovice

AMM Otáhal, s.r.o.

The company is engaged in plastic products from polypropylene and polyethylene. It produces high-quality pools of homogeneous copolymer, stabilized against UV radiation. Performs a covered swimming pool. Work produced by vessels, tanks, reservoirs, sinks, tubs and tubes of plastic

Sokolská 180, Kobylí

Pistachio, a.s.

Wholesale dried fruits and dry fruits.

Husova 650/19, Podivín

Vinařství Mikrosvín Mikulov, a.s.

The services in the field of wine.

Nádražní 29, Mikulov

PS POLY, spol. s r.o.

Distribute materials for offset printing to printers throughout the CR range of materials includes all manufacturers of high quality brands for the preparation, printing and finishing processes. Tools for printers and equipment for processing documents. Supplies of goods within 24 hours.

Vídeňská 873/44, Mikulov

PRAMOS, a.s.

We specialize in the production of plastic windows and doors.

Brněnská 577, Šitbořice

Pavel Sokolář - AB okna Morava

The company specializes in the manufacture and sale of plastic windows and doors and garage doors. We will prepare a bid, targeting, technical assistance and consultation. We work only in Southern Moravia.

Janáčkova 575/1, Hustopeče


We offer the manufacture and sale of inflatable boats for recreation, hiking and whitewater, canoe samovylévací Barak, Orinoco, Palava canoes, inflatable kayaks Helios, Solar, Sunny, Twist, K1, K2, Safari, Seaker, Pulsar raft, inflatable boats Colorado, Baikal.

Mládežnická 3062/3a, Břeclav

Vinařství Zaječí, s.r.o.

Our company manufactures and sells attributive, varietal and vintage know. On our website we run an e-shop offering high quality wines.

U vily 480, Zaječí

Blanář Nábytek, a.s.

The company specializes in serial production of upholstered furniture. Produces not only beds, double beds and all types, but also the sofa. It is also a major producer of lamellar gratings.


Alca plast, s.r.o.

The company specializes in fill and drain valves, also produces WC installation systems, plastic tanks, bath and shower traps. Among the basic range of the company includes sink siphons and accessories. The newly added bath siphons with filling, floor drains and a wide accessories.

Bratislavská 2846, Břeclav

Madekop, spol. s r.o.

The company will help both the construction of the house (sinks, sewage treatment plants, Euro windows, doors, gates) and the subsequent furnishing of homes (in...


AMM OTÁHAL s. r. o.

The company specializes in the manufacture and assembly of locksmith products, which dominates swimming pool covers. Products are delivered at home, but mostly abroad (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, etc.). The company also sells polycarbonate.

Kobylí 736, Kobylí

Rodinné vinařství Jedlička & Novák, Bořetice, a.s.

We produce and sell wine from its own vineyards, attributive and vintage wines. We offer seating in the wine cellar and expert commentary on wine, wine tasting option. We provide accommodation.



ROVA-UNITED, Inc. is a manufacturer of roofing and trapezoidal plates sold under the brand ROVA ®. It also deals with the production of plumbing.

Javorová 788/1a, Hustopeče

Vinné sklepy Valtice, a.s.

Our company is engaged in the cultivation and processing of grapes. With a long tradition in our cellars produce high quality varietal, archival, attributive, ice and straw wines. On our web site we offer e-shop offering high quality wines.

Vinařská 407, Valtice

LOMAX, prodej garážových vrata

Our company specializes in the manufacture of garage doors, which are made in imitation of wood. Furthermore, our production targets for rolling doors, sectional doors and gates to the side. Other our products are front and roller shutters, for example, or mosquito nets.



We supply pure natural cosmetics - oil regeneration, flower lotions, facial absorbent oil, body massage oils, bath and shower oils, vegetable oils and organic cold pressed and essential oils for aromatherapy.

Na zahradách 12, Břeclav

FOREST - AGRO, spol. s r.o.

Operate road freight transport, manufacture of locks and hinges on offer forestry and agricultural activities.

Za vodú 203, Hrušky


We offer wood and plywood containers, boxes and pallets EUR standard and atypical. We provide IPPC treatment, recycled wood drying, impregnation, heat treatment pallets ISPM FAO: Pub. Well. 15th Purchase and sales of EUR pallets. We provide timber for construction and carpentry.

Nádražní 79, Klobouky u Brna

PATRIA Kobylí, a.s.

Company with many years experience in the development and manufacture of plastic construction specializes in manufacturing pay the family swimming pools. It offers a modern pool types with přelivným groove, skimmer type Compact, swimming pools, roofing.

Augusty Šebestové 716, Kobylí

PILARČÍK výrobce nábytku

Our company produces kitchen cabinets, built-in wardrobes and interiors. One of the strengths of the company is tailoring.


Vinařství Kovacs, s.r.o.

We are a wine company, we produce high quality wines of the original origin. Kovacs Pension offers accommodation, situated some 100 meters from Wine's Viney...


PWD, s.r.o.

Our company is engaged in production of plastic windows, doors, shutters. We also manufacture mosquito nets. We provide measurements, assembly, disassembly, pricing, customer service. We provide expert advice. We also provide complete insulation of facades.

Družstevní 666/3, Tvrdonice

Vinařství Valtické Podzemí, s.r.o.

Individual offer visitors an experience underground tours. Valtice Underground tour, a museum of fossils and brick, tasting and sales of bottled wines directly from the manufacturer Valtice Underground Winery. We also offer the possibility of renting boxes for storage of wines and the unrestricted entry into the cellar with boxovým arrangement.

Vinařská 34, Valtice

František Furch-výroba hudebních nástrojů

We offer acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar and mandolin. We provide wholesale and retail sales, customer service marks Furch, Stanford and Stonebrihge. Repair of other brands on request.

Zádvorník 503, Velké Němčice

Velkobílovická vína, prodej vín.

We offer good variety, quality, and select wine from the wine region of Moravia in Sub Velkopavlovicka - tasting for the group and the sale of their crops sell larger quantities of fruit - apricots, nectarines, peaches. We manufacture concrete posts.

Žižkovská 1253, Velké Bílovice

NIKA TĚSNĚNÍ, výroba těsnění.

We offer the manufacture of flat cutouts made of lightweight polyethylene, rubber, and textiles, (packing, braces, pads). Possibility of delivery of products to be self-adhesive treatment (sendvičování different materials) and the sale of foam materiálů.Dále offer delivery car transport.

Břeclav-Poštorná 24, Břeclav

Vinný sklep U Vrbů

In our wine cellar can always private, comfortable style atmosphere, excellent wine with great tasting and very own kitchen.

Herbenova 1277/43, Hustopeče

Bergmann - ost, s.r.o.

Supply and service of technologies for waste processing - pressing containers, waste shredders, compactors in open containers.

Koněvova 790/36, Mikulov


The company offers several types of automatic gates, automatic system for the front door. The company is also to ensure the production, supply and installation of industrial doors to all sites. There are also garage doors for houses in several types, finishes and a wide range of colors.

Bezručova 30, Mikulov

BRICOL - M, spol. s r.o.

Offer and manufacture bottles, glass containers, bottles of 1500 kinds of wine, beer, alcohol, canned and specialty fasteners, glass, suitable for promotional gifts, decorative glass. Large selection of bottles of alcohol atypical and classical. Bottles and glasses provide.

Mikulovská 28, Valtice

Morava - ekol, spol. s r.o.

The company mainly specializes in manufacturing plastic pools. Furthermore, their production also focuses on organic wastewater treatment process. plastic pools.

Velké Hostěrádky


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