Manufacture of furniture


Stolařství Peka

Custom manufacturing and installation of kitchen units, furniture - cabinets, commodes, beds, pc. and dining tables, doors, door frames of laminated and solid wood.

Hlavní 10, Pouzdřany

PILARČÍK výrobce nábytku

Our company produces kitchen cabinets, built-in wardrobes and interiors. One of the strengths of the company is tailoring.


Blanář Nábytek, a.s.

The company specializes in serial production of upholstered furniture. Produces not only beds, double beds and all types, but also the sofa. It is also a major producer of lamellar gratings.


Madekop, spol. s r.o.

The company will help both the construction of the house (sinks, sewage treatment plants, Euro windows, doors, gates) and the subsequent furnishing of homes (in...


Kvarta matrace, s.r.o.

Our company specializes in manufacturing mattress. Our product range is wide, mattresses are made in standard sizes, but of course we are dealing with individua...

M. Kapusty 364/39, Břeclav

Dušan Kokavec, bytový nábytek.

We offer the production of wooden timber.

Pavlovská 139/12, Mikulov

Vladimír Baloun, výroba kuchyní.

We offer custom-fitted kitchens, furniture, windows, doors and staircases.

Družstevní 374, Rakvice

Škarek, s.r.o.

We offer the manufacture and sale of kitchen furniture, upholstered furniture and custom joinery production associated with interior design.

Zahradní 747, Rakvice

Petr Mrlák, bytový nábytek.

Operation of the renovation, refurbishment, manufacture and installation of furniture and kitchen cupboards.

Vinohradní 319/26, Tvrdonice

Alena Cendelínová, školní nábytek.

We offer the manufacture and sale of school furniture for nursery schools, clubs, orphanages and medical facilities.

Sokolská 4/2, Velké Pavlovice

Josef Hřebačka, výroba kuchyní.

We offer custom production of cooking.

Dolní 122, Moravská Nová Ves

Jan Oprchal, výroba kuchyní

We offer custom manufacturing of furniture including wardrobes.

Luční 522/25, Lanžhot

Ing. Jiří Cypris, výroba nábytku.

We offer the manufacture and sale of furniture.

Kostice 709, Kostice

LAMÉ, s.r.o.

We offer sales stolařského materials, furniture, home accessories and custom furniture manufacturing.

Hraniční 1282, Břeclav

Miloš Zourek, bytový nábytek.

We offer furniture and accessories.

Brněnská 497, Pohořelice

Stanislav Valachovič, výroba kuchyní.

We offer the manufacture and sale of furniture, kitchens and wardrobes. E-commerce.

Sovadinova 841/10, Břeclav

Dřevoprogram Břeclav, s.r.o.

Euro offer windows, doors including frames, doors and stairs and manufacture household furniture, kitchen equipment and interiors.

Lanžhotská 26, Břeclav

Ivan Kos, výroba kuchyní

We offer design, manufacture and installation of kitchens, wardrobes, offices and interiors.

Na zvolenci 3105/2d, Břeclav

Jan Strmiska, výroba kuchyní.

We offer manufacturing kitchen cabinets, furniture and interior peace.

Vídeňská 258/16, Mikulov

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